GLNY-Seal-transparent-240 Grand Lodge of the State of New York
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Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
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Past Masters

R∴W∴ James E. Wightman (2016-Present)

W∴ Gregory J. Wright (2014-2016)

R∴W∴ Scott A. Cary (2012-2014)

W∴ Gregory J. Wright (2011-2012)

R∴W∴ Manfred Liehs (2009-2010)*†

R∴W∴ Ronald H. McDermott (2007-2009)

R∴W∴ Bruce D. King (2006-2007)

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (2004-2006)*

R∴W∴ Bruce D. King (2002-2004)

W∴ William O. Lynch (2000-2002)*

R∴W∴ Bruce D. King (1998-2000)

R∴W∴ James E. Wightman (1997-1998)

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (1996-1997)*

W∴ Peter R. Wilberg (1995-1996)

R∴W∴ James E. Wightman (1994-1995)

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (1993-1994)‡

R∴W∴ Leland S. Strong (1993)*‡

R∴W∴ Bruce D. King (1991, 1992)

W∴ Donald L. Diefendorf (1990)*

R∴W∴ Ronald H. McDermott (1989)

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (1988)*

W∴ Alain D. Verley (1987)

W∴ Edward C. Blair, Jr. (1986)*

W∴ Gary L. Sunderman (1985)

W∴ Elwin H. Goff (1984)

Raymond C. Manning, II (1983)*

W∴ James R. Austin (1982)

R∴W∴ Howard E. Mosher (1981)

W∴ Peter R. Wilberg (1980)

Thomas E. Lacy, Jr. (1979)*

R∴W∴ Ronald H. McDermott (1978)

R∴W∴ Leland S. Strong (1977)*

Wilbur R. Lamb (1976)*

W∴ Jon A. Hall (1975)

W∴ David H. Brown, Jr. (1974)

Harold C. Bendfeldt (1973)*

W∴ Millard S. Kidder (1972)*

Earl H. Selleck (1971)*

W∴ John H. Holmes (1970)*

George W. Miller (1969)*

Earl Holmes (1968)*

Rodger T. Woodworth (1967)*

Frederick S. Keith (1966)*

Frisbee J. Fuller (1965)*

Douglas R. Elliott (1964)*

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (1963)*

David B. Cook (1962)*

Clarence B. VanBrocklin (1961)*

Arthur M. Davies (1960)*

Thomas D. Blair (1959)*

R∴ W∴ C. Joseph Bennett (1958)*

W. W. Wiltsie (1957)*

J. Earnest Thomas (1956)*

Edward C. Blair (1955)*

Charles T. Sykes (1954)*

R∴ W∴ Clarence A. Cook (1953)*

John L. Dirksen (1952)*

John E. Parker (1951)*

Harold A. Fielder (1950)*

David G. White (1949)*

Ward K. Smith (1948)*

William D. Hill (1947)*

Oscar J. Schlappi (1946)*

Charles J. Davis (1945)*

Lewis C. Bodley (1944)*

Raymond C. Butman (1943)*

William G. Jones (1942)*

J. Elmer Jones (1941)*

Wallis C. Cunningham (1940)*

Ralph W. Price (1939)*

Lester E. Hendrix (1938)*

Jay B. Turner (1937)*

Russell D. Ward (1936)*

Paul D. Espenas (1935)*

Rollin H. Kohler (1934)*

Glenn M. Bass (1933)*

David T. Hughes (1932)*

A. I. Tyler (1931)*

K. D. Espenas (1930)*

Dudley D. Norton, Jr. (1929)*

L. H. Allen (1928)*

Earl H. Smith (1927)*

Malcolm D. Norton (1926)*

Harry M. Gage (1925)*

A. H. deClerq (1924)*

William M. Davis (1923)*

George H. Hall (1922)*

James A. Dangle (1921)*

R∴ W∴ William L. Doremus, Jr. (1920)*

W. D. Weaver (1919)*

F. C. Watson (1918)*

Ford L. Jones (1917)*

Ermon A. Blair (1916)*

Louis J. Scott (1915)*

H. G. Phelps (1914)*

R∴ W∴ Charles B. Hugg (1913)*

F.F. Marshall (1912)*

H. V. Randall (1911)*

R∴ W∴ Dudley D. Norton, Sr. (1910)*

G. E. Shepherd (1908, 1909)*

C. H. Barrett (1907)*

Eddy C. Covell (1905, 1906)*

Homer W. Salisbury (1904)*

Sumner F. Munson (1901, 1902, 1903)*

Charles W. Barrett (1900)*

Fred A. Ford (1899)*

George W. Salisbury (1898)*

Bernard Vollmer (1897)*

Milton E. Card (1894, 1895, 1896)*

Henry H. Potter (1892, 1893)*

Charles W. Barrett (1890, 1891)*

George W. Salisbury (1888, 1889)*

Charles E. Bond (1887)*

S. Henry Davis (1886)*

Charles E. Bond (1884, 1885)*

E. Eugene Davis (1881, 1882, 1883)*

R. DeWitt Phinney (1878, 1879, 1880)*

Harrison L. Wellington (1877)*

Jabez W. Abell (1875, 1876)*

Brownell Bulkley (1873, 1874)*

Jabez W. Abell (1872)*

Charles W. Stebbins, Jr. (1870, 1871)*

Jabez W. Abell (1869)*

Charles W. Stebbins, Jr. (1867, 1868)*

Masonic titles listed above are the highest title known to have been attained by that Past Master and do not necessarily reflect the title held by that Brother at the time of his service. Where no Masonic title is listed, no further information is available regarding the highest Masonic title attained by that Past Master, however all Past Masters would have attained, at a minimum, the Masonic title of “Worshipful”.
* Deceased
† R∴ W∴ Liehs did not survive to the end of his second term as Master (2010).  His office remained vacant, and the Lodge operated without a Master, until it was filled by means of the regular election held in 2011.
‡ Prior to 1993, terms ran concurrent with the calendar year.  In 1993, a “Masonic Year” was adopted which runs from Grand Lodge Session to Grand Lodge Session.  In 1993, R∴ W∴ Strong served as Master of the Lodge for an abbreviated term in the first months of the year during this transition.  In subsequent years, Masters would have been elected in May and would have been required to have been installed no later than the end of June (typically such terms would run from May of the first listed year to May of the second listed year).